Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tawau & YB Datuk Tawfiq Titingan


Just to share my personal view on this topic. First time meeting YB Datuk Tawfiq really amazed me. Quite young YB with Islamic appearance but open minded thinking. No protocols but very strong leadership. In Tawau, there is one kampung called Titingan which started by his family.

Kenapa in current government leadership rarely we meet someone like YB Datuk Tawfiq? Combination of UMNO + PAS - meaning that Melayu akan bersatu semula. Tawau is an unique town in Sabah which nobody even government agencies explore the uniqueness.

Variety of etnics, culture, traditional foods and tourist extraction gifted from ALLAH to Tawau Residence.

Penduduk yang very polite, warming our visit with delicious traditional food, nice scenario and the most important part is all the etnics living harmoniuosly. May be the YB there play the main role, their YB down to earth, mixed well with his supporters & society. Mesra rakyat & alam. Anyway, after meeting this YB, I jump into one conclusion. If all YB like YB Datuk Tawfiq, Tawau meaning that UMNO leadership would be easier to do penyatuan semula MELAYU. Just my personal view. Anyway, may ALLAH bless Datuk Tawfiq with umur panjang & kesihatan yang baik to lead Tawau society.

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