Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art which really amazing

Tuan-tuan & puan-puan,

I admire art & falling deeply in love with all this guys. Just sharing with all of you their lukisan but look like real photo. Their gold hands painted this better than digital camera. Ciptaan Allah sememangnya sempurna. They are Tom Martin & Steve Hank. Their collections for us to share.

Speechless but this is not photo.


  1. Good heavens, these are really amazing! I mean, a few of them do look like paintings but most of them, well, I never would've guessed!

    Subahanallah, terkedu jugak dibuatnya..

  2. From the woman taking shower till the group under the bridge, it looks real. The artist can draw the water particles...Subhanallah.

  3. Tiada gambar seindah lukisan......tiada kata secantik bahasa...hanyalah senyumanmu sayang...berikanlah kasih sayangmu...curahkanlah sepenuh hati....semoga sentosa hidup ini.