Thursday, September 27, 2012


Ya Allah, sama2 lah kita berdoa gadis ini sentiasa tabah dan dilindungi Allah sentiasa

HIDUP MESTI DITERUSKAN: "BABI" ITU MEROGOL SAYA; MOGA DIA DIJANGKITI HIV B...: HARAPKAN PAGAR, PAGAR MAKAN PADI. Sesuatu musibah yang menimpa diri kita itu, pasti ada rahmat dan kebaikan yang terselindung me...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wajah terkini Hajjah Mazuin Hamzah

Dari Puan Rostinah...Wajah terbaru Hajjah Mazuin dan gambar terbaharu beliau tetapi gambar dibawah tiada kesahihannya. Pada pembaca yang ada maklumat lain, sila updatenya.

Terima kasih.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wanita Malang ditimpa musibah berganda...Syukuri takdir kita

HIDUP MESTI DITERUSKAN: TELAH DIPERKOSA, BERSUAMI GAY DAN DISAHKAN HIV +VE...: Trauma akibat dirogol menjelang hari perkahwinan, malang berkahwin dengan seorang pengamal songsang dan disahkan positif HIV, kerana jangk...

Sumber: dari blog sahabat saya Naj Mi....perkongsian yang sangat menyayat hati. Doa saya agar anak2 Puan Nuruun amat menghargai tangan dan tubuh yang mengandungi kuman HIV itu selagi hayatnya dikandung badan, membahagiakan ibu mereka selama hayatnya masih ada dan sentiasa mengasihi ibu malang ini di dunia hingga ke akhirat. Moga hidup Puan Nuruun dan anak2 sentiasa dipermudahkan.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Al-Fatihah bagi sahabat yang telah pergi....


Malam tadi terima SMS kawan sekolah lama, sahabat saya yang membesar bersama di sekolah berasrama penuh dulu telah pergi buat selama-lamanya kerana Kanser, wanita tabah ini meninggalkan 3 orang anak. Sangat tabah meneruskan hidup ketika bergelut dengan kanser tambahan pula ketika itu arwah mengandungkan anak yang ketiga. AL-FATIHAH buat sahabat saya yabg dikasihi, Ini adalah artikel arwah buat bacaan semua. 20 September 2012, seorang lagi teman persekolahan saya pulang kepadaNYA kerana kanser.

Living Through Cancer During Pregnancy

From the Writer to the Reader

First of all, allow me to thank Madam Editor, Dr Nor Azlin, for “sms-ing” me her shortest message to have some write-up of my life experience. She must have a very good reason for asking or I must say that I have quite a story to tell. Being a life-time neighbour-turn-sister to Dr Nor Azlin, I saw my fingers blankly type OK before I even had time registering it let alone thinking about it. The next sms I received from her was a gentle reminder of the deadline which is like 7 days apart (inclusive my weekend retreat at Langkawi). Again, my replied was OK despite the fact that I was over occupied with my latest research in Langkawi. You see, I was in Langkawi on an invitation to check up a place located at an area believed to be a crater caused by a meteor from outer space that came crashing on the land some million years ago during dinasour age. Well…at least for now, you can pull my intriguing side-story away unless you are able to take some days off for a holiday trip there.

A Life Journal in the Making…

No, no I’m not into astronomy neither a fossil digger nor holding Mahsuri bloodline. I was just trying to be catchy that’s all. But in case you’re going there, make sure you tour the place called Mahsuri Ring, you’re sure to hear more about the legend. Before you move on, let me tell you what you are about to read is my own story being left unwritten. All I managed to do was either keeping some notes in the pages of my diary or as you might have intelligently guessed, are just left hanging in my thoughts. So, here is from me to you – a written report of my thoughts and life – Living Through Cancer During Pregnancy.

The Diary…Reread

It was 8 years ago. I was 33 years old and had such a good life with family and friends. Leading a prosperous life, I always had been active and so full of fun and enjoyed every minute watching my children grow. The first is my daughter, Nur Ilham Kamilah and the second is my son, Ikmal Hakim. I had a great family, great job and was building assets. Somehow I wonder, if this wonderful feeling will last forever…

Having had two beautiful children, I thought it was just the right time to add more to my family. My prayers answered – I conceived my third child during the first few months in 2001. My two children grew, my pregnancy grew and …the tumour in my right breast grew. Little that I knew, there was a gradual change in my right breast. I started to recognise the change when the areola surrounding the nipple looked more wrinkle than the other. Then, the whole nipple was contracted inside. Surrounding flesh felt lumpy – one side hardened while rest remained soft. I tried dabbing it with soft towel soaked in warm water, hoping that the nipple will soften and back to normal but after a few trials, it looked as if it had its own mind and stubbornly stayed contracted. The whole right breast felt tight. Both my husband and I decided to find out what was happening and decided to confide in my gynaecologist who at the same time monitored my pregnancy. She called in a surgeon who immediately did a biopsy and asked me to wait for the result in 3 days. I had a mixed feeling – I knew that there is vigorous hormonal change during pregnancy and it may cause some changes or irregularities in the breast. Another voice from within sort of advised me to be ready for the worse result that could appear out of the biopsy test. Instinct told me to be strong and prepared and a lot of what-if came about. I even wondered why there seemed to be many talk shows on TV talking about breast cancer besides continuous reports on Sept 11 tragedy in New York (my biopsy done in the same week as the Sept 11 tragedy). Finally, I was in the doctor’s room ready to hear the result of the test. My instinct took hold and I knew right there and then, even before the doctor had to say anything.

I remembered my first question to the doctor was what I should do next. The next thing I knew, both my husband and I had to learn  new vocabulary very, very hard and fast – surgery, abortion, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, adriamycin, taxol whatsoever – all this came into pictures and became our daily talks. Information was critical as I was held responsible (by myself) to make ‘wise’ decisions prior to any treatments. Both of us became glued to the internet whenever we had time to find out more and more of what’s-this-and-that. I had to deal with many specialist doctors coming from various departments i.e. surgery, oncology and gynaecology in the hospital (HUKM then, now PPUKM). My search for information did not end at one hospital, but a few others just to satisfy my gut feeling.

Cancer Treatment – do I have a choice?

It was quite an easy decision for me to follow the doctor’s strong advice for mastectomy. I knew I could not wait…and why wait when I knew the result of waiting will require my life! I was quick to understand that when there is a bad agent in the body, the best treatment is taking it out from the body. What a learned patient I was, I could almost hear sigh of relief coming from the doctors’ room; at least they could save their precious consultation hours for other critical reasons. Then, there was the pathology report of the surgery – the tumour was bigger than enough to request me for another big decision as to go for chemotherapy which had to be done within 60 days from surgery date; that means chemo had to be done while I was still in pregnancy. Well…this is it. My information seeking continued only more vigorously. I found it’s quite common and most of the time treatable in the U.S. I couldn’t find anybody with the same case here that I could turn to for peer support.

I went to my list of gynaecologists to just find out whether he/she has any resolutions for my foetus in case there is chemo complication and even asked them how is abortion like and the pain and the like. To my relief, all of them gave such good encouragement that both of us (mother and foetus) will be all right. However, all the doctors agreed that chemo could not put its toll too much on the foetus, thus I need to deliver the baby at the 8th month when the foetus size and being is good. I had the longest scan of the tummy to ensure this. To describe how I feel as the day of chemo getting nearer may require me to write a book!

Chemo had its two cycles while I was pregnant and it had been doing its job well without hassling me and my foetus. I had very minor nausea and my taste buds and energy level was quite normal – I had no complains. I was in high spirit all the way. Then I took a break from the chemo cycle just enough to allow me to deliver my baby. It was midnight and my husband was beside me all the way. The baby was small weighing 2.27kg which the doctor believed incubator may not be necessary. Early the next morning I found that my baby had to be pushed into NICU for breathing assistance. Fondly remembering his assuring twists and turns in my tummy, I could feel his level of energy and motherhood instinct assured me that the breathing assistance would only be temporary while he was adjusting to the real world – anyway, he was forced to come out remember?

The chemo continued one after another. Then, there were 20 times of radiotherapy. My husband told me that if there were hundred people looked like me, he would have no problems identifying me. Why? Because the radiotherapy mapping drew the biggest square-shaped tattoo on my chest skin! Anyway, it has gone out now.

How I Feel Having To Go Through All That

My pregnancy was five months old when I had mastectomy. Bearing my child while dealing with cancer gave me the inner strength I never knew I had. It gave me such unimaginable will power to push myself through the sickness. Suddenly losing a breast seemed small compared to my agony to live a healthy life not only for myself but for the baby I was conceiving. Apart from dealing with physical trauma, an equally tough challenge for me was dealing with negative thoughts and emotion. I learned not to feed my sadness, fear or any negative feeling as I felt these emotions were not only unpleasant but a complete waste of time and energy. You could feel sorry or extremely fearful but it would not cure you. Normally it just makes you feel more distorted. I come to realize that a sick mind cannot help a sick body. Of all the things I have done in my life, the ability to think in a healthy way is the most powerful which have helped me go through the challenges and gave such great courage.

Looking Back 

I feel that having to go through two major challenges in life at the same time, is truly my calling. Looking back, I have no regrets having cancer and accept it willingly (if I’m allowed to choose) despite being a life-threatening disease. The experience of delivering a life when my own life was at risk had really awakened me with the essence of livelihood and the greatness of our Creator. Perhaps the journey of living through cancer has prescribed me with the need to do more soul-searching. What a wonderful reason to be alive! I hope that the writing of my life journal will inspire and brave the hearts of those affected by cancer in one way or another. Talking from my experience, information and knowledge is the mother of all cures. Knowledge would guide you to understand the sickness and the treatment positively. In endeavouring that, I would recommend joining a support group organized by any cancer-care societies  like KanWork (Persatuan Kanser Network) and help out with organizing the activities. Not only it helps to enrich your knowledge but the social interaction and companionship with others is unbelievably stimulating and spiritually uplifting. Last but not least, I would love to take this opportunity to thank all my doctors who have poured such great devotion and have gone beyond requirement of their profession to touch my life. God Bless…

By: Nor Aida Kamaruddin
Mobile: 012-6918524

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Always Together

Tuan/Puan yang sangat saya hormati,

Tahniah kepada ibubapa yang anak2 mereka telah habis peperiksaan UPSR, Saya telah melalui demam UPSR & PMR untuk Along tetapi saya demam SPM tahun ni, Wardah saya dah lepas UPSR tetapi tahun depan saya demam PMR semula, saya doakan anak tuan puan berjaya dengan cemerlang. Saya amat bersyukur anak2 saya melepasinya dengan baik, Alhamdulillah tetapi perlu diingat juga walau apapun keputusan anak2 kita, kena ingat semuanya rezeki Allah kerana biar corot sekarang tetapi berjaya kemudian, di dunia dan akhirat. Along dan adek adalah sepasang sahabat baik sejak mereka kecil lagi kerana mereka tiada kawan lain dalam hidup mereka. Always together...

Syukur sangat2 kepada Allah kerana diberiNya rezeki zuriat yang sihat tubuh badan dan akal fikiran. Kenangan anak2 saya...
Kelahiran adek amat dialu2kan Along, umur adek 2 minggu dah kena buli...
My sister is my best friend kata Along, Adek pakai first gown...umur 3 minggu
Di bawa kemana2 saja ..adek baru pandai berjalan...
Mandi bersama
Semua bersama...
Sentiasa berdua...
Gembira bermain...
Semua aktiviti bersama...
Gelak bersama...
Berlari bersama...
Travel bersama...sehingga hari ini
makan anginpun bersama....sehingga ke hari ini
Sambut birthday adek 7 tahun disekolahpun bersama...Along yang suruh hanya kerana adek bercerita di kelas adek ada seorang kawan tak pernah makan Mac Donald...Along yang minta, supaya adek boleh bagi kawan adek makan....Alhamdulillah murah rezeki Along& Adek...
Beraksi bersama
Adek demam Along hiburkan adek...
Hari ini mereka sudah remaja, tetap bersama berjalan, tengok wayang tetapi minat mereka berbeza, tabiat mereka berbeza, tetapi masih bersama.

Doa saya, mereka akan kekal bersama sebagai saudara kandung yang rapat, bantu membantu, saling mengingati dan bertolak ansur. Semuga Allah sentiasa memberkati anak2 saya ini, sebagai ibu saya sentiasa mengampunkan setiap kesilapan, kekhilafan mereka buat selama2nya dan saya halalkan apa jua bentuk pemberian dari saya untuk mereka didunia dan akhirat.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kalau dah namanya Jantan.

Salam Selasa,

Semalam pesan saya pada Along:
1. Along tolong tukar cadar bilik Along, cadar mak dah letak kat Iron Board
2. Along tolong tukar langsir sekali, mak letak langsir baru atas katil
3. Along tolong angkat kain kat ampaian masuk dalam bakul
4. Cadar lama masuk mesin basuh, langsirpun tapi langsir rendam dulu.

Balik ini hasilnya...
1. Cadar

Saya: sayang kenapa cadar sarung bantal berbeza?
Along: Along boring kalau semua hijau lagipun bunga2 , untuk lelaki tak sesuai
Saya: LOL

2. Langir
Saya: Along kenapa langsir ni panjang pendek?
Along: Along tutupkan aurat dia hehehhe tapi Along tak suka cahaya...
Saya: Ya Allah
Saya: Kenapa tak lekat kepala langsir sayang?
Along: Lecehlah nak lekat satu2.
Saya: Bertuah punya anak
Saya: Sayang kenapa kain bersepah2 ni?
Along: Along dah asing2kan untuk mak lipat ikut kategori, memudahkan kerja mak melipat.
Saya: Tak pelah sayang, tolong mak sapu bawah.

Friday, September 14, 2012


HIDUP MESTI DITERUSKAN: ASTAGFIRULLAH, SEORANG IMAM PRANCIS NIKAHKAN PASAN...: REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BERLIN -  Seorang imam di Prancis telah menikahkan pasangan gay yang sebelum ini sudah berkahwin di Afrika Selatan, nega...

Kitaran Hidup

Salam Jumaat.

Pagi  8:30 am ....I am leaving home to office, helping mak ndak sidaikan kain or prepare@buy breakfast .
Will be here until 6:30 pm, meetings, discussion & etc.
6:30 pm, the weather still warm and I can smell the haze. Must be careful, limiting myself & family to expose in public.
In my mind, just my kids. Rindu Along & Adek, sometimes lepak with them at nite makan apa2 yang dia orang teringin.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kongsi Suami....

Salam. Saya update ni dalam perjalanan balik ke Office dari open house di PWTC. Boring jadi saya sengaja berkongsi cerita...
Disambut dengan Red Carpet oleh pihak Teraju, Yang hadir juga Usahawan hebat2 di tanahair, kakitangan agensi kerajaan dan kementerian, kehadiran kami dialu2kan diiringi nyanyian lagu2 raya. Alhamdulillah perkerjaan saya membawa saya bergaul dengan semua lapisan masyarakat dan mengajar saya supaya pandai membawa diri agar tidak dibenci orang. Saya ambil sikap bersederhana dalam pergaulan harian dan tuturkata. Doakan saya agar tidak keterlaluan dalam kehidupan kerana saya juga manusia biasa.

Meja saya yang telah ditetapkan, kami datang bertiga tempat duduk untuk sepuluh orang. Tetamu lain tidak datang lagi.
Gerai makanan yang pelbagai, saya mengambil beverage saya dulu-teh tarik, tiba2 bahu saya ditepuk dari belakang oleh seorang wanita jelita. Kawan lama saya seorang peguam dan kami satu sekolah dan satu universiti. Long lost friend saya, cantik orangnya dan berkarisma, bertukar kad perniagaan lalu saya pelawa dia ke meja saya walaupun saya tahu meja saya adalah reserved tapi saya yakin tetamu yang lain lambat datang atau mungkin tidak datang langsung. Kawan saya (N) datang membawa makanan ke meja saya. Perbualan kami yang mungkin boleh tuan puan ambil ikhtibar...
Saya: How long you open your own law firm?
N: Almost 5 years, actually I am looking for you, try to sms you but I lost your hp no.
Saya: How many kids you have now?
N: 1 pair of twin from my 1st husband, now they followed their dad back to Libya, one son from my 2nd husband now form 5 same age with your Along, 2 girls from my Aussie husband, 14 & 12 now with me, current husband, I am the 3rd wife, I don't have kid yet.
Saya: okay, did you still contact our friends?
N: Nope just Lisa alone. You know Malay right, if they hear that you always kawen cerai kawen cerai, they will have in mind weird thinking on you. I tried my level best to avoid all of them. Especially those tudung2 labuh...
Saya: OMG, I am sure they won't have that kind of thinking N...Tak baik buruk sangka.

N mintak diri to somewhere jadi saya teruskan makan dan berbual2 dengan orang2 yang ada di meja saya.
Hampir sejam saya mingle around kat situ, saya minta diri dari penganjur dan keluar dewan. Berjumpa kawan2 dari agensi lain dan berbual, bersalaman dan bermaafan. N datang menghulur tangan dan berpelukan dengan saya. Reminded saya supaya add dia di fb saya. Saya anggukkan kepala tapi dia tarik tangan saya kearah seorang lelaki dalam usia 50 an dan berkata:-
N : I would like you to meet my husband Tan Sri XXXXX, Dear my school & u mate XXXXXX.
Saya: Hi, Tan Sri, nice to meet you again, you look good.
N : Of course kan my dear, you are fit and energetic internal & external, right? You know each other right?
Saya: Yup, of course, I had few projects with him.
N: My dear, what projects are you in with my dear friend? (jujur saya tidak suka kata2 ini).
Saya: Nope, our projects just official projects. Don't worry, you are too pretty for him to turn back from you.
That Tan Sri minta diri nak masuk dewan dengan muka serba salah @ kelat kerana saya tidak pernah tahu status perkahwinannya sebelum ini but my friend still standing next to me. Dalam kepala rasanya terbayang muka Datin Sri yang ayu penuh Islamik, saya tidak pasti dia tahu atau tidak dia bermadu dengan kawan saya dan pelakun tak terkenal tersebut. Tapi yang paling tak sedapnya, bila kawan saya berkomentar sebegini,
N: Nampak aje tua my hubby tu but nafsu muda, semalam boleh main more than 3 rounds that's why 1st wife tak larat. Varieties...For melahkan kalau tak boleh layan laki, better lepaskan...because of his good performance, the main reason why I attached to him until now, if not surely I blah but I am not keen on sharing him forever may be one fine day he must choose 1 out of three. Trust me, I am very expert dealing with that.
Saya: N regarding that, I am not interested but I am very happy today to meet you my long lost friend. Take care.
N:  Bye, take care (dengan lenggok manja & menggoda)

Tuan2 & Puan2, sekadar menegur secara peribadi,
1. Apa erti dan nilai perkahwinan dan apa tanggung jawab suami dalam mendidik isteri?
2. Kenapa cerita dalam kelambu dibincangkan secara terbuka di khalayak?
3. Kenapa mesti bangga berkahwin banyak?
4. Sekiranya anda berkongsi suami, kenapa mesti merampasnya dari isteri2 yang lain?
5. Kenapa tidak menghargai pengorbanan madu anda yang pertama?

Apa pendapat tuan2 dan puan2, bagi saya kalau dah berkongsi pandai2lah  bawak diri, bagi suami kalau beristeri lebih tanggungjawab lebih berat atas anda. Entahlah, dunia makin advanced.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tart Puntet Pantet

Berkesah ttg anak2 dan mak ndak lagi. Malam tadi mak ndak buat kueh tart Landak untuk Along. Wardah tuition, Along buat revision. Along memang suka kueh tart yang mak ndak buat ni dan kadang2 bergilir dgn saya membuatnya. Pukul 10:00 malam Wardah balik tuition, naik atas hantar beg turun untuk supper. Wardah goreng nugget tempura dan buat air milo untuk semua. 

Ini doh kueh tart mak ndak yang sudah berisi jem tapi akan dibentuk menjadi Landak yang selalu Wardah nyanyikan masa primary school Kueh Tart Landak Mak Ndak , Mak Ndak Takde Pak Ndak, nakal tak Wardah dengan Along dulu2.

Mak Ndak bakar kueh saya dah turun untuk sidai kain di luar. Saya dengar kecoh budak2 tu ketawa besar di dapur. Saya masuk ke dapur dan tanya,
Mak Ndak: Along ni tak ada keje, ingatkan kenapa berangin je tengkuk, rupanya dia berdiri kat belakang.
Along: Orang  Mak Ndak kusyuk semayang, mak ndak kusyuk buat kueh, hahaha. 
Wardah: Along dah dekat lima minit berdiri belakang Mak Ndak. Mak Ndak terkejut lepas tu cakap Puntet Pantet, mencarut.
Mak Ndak: Itu melatah bukan mencarut.
Wardah: Eleh...dulu masa abang sebelah bakar mercun, mak ndak cakap Panxxt kat luar. Mak Ndak you must stop mencaruting.
Mak Ndak: Kalau Along tak kacau mak ndak, tak de mak ndak mencarut.
Wardah: You see Mak Ndak, she always mencaruts. Sometimes at school canteen there's one makcik like mak ndak. Along tahukan...
Along: Ha ah, dulu kawan Along Chinese Girl beli mee sup, makcik tu tertumpah kuah sup sikit, makcik tu kata Ya Allah, ko beli pxxxxt aku tiga, Shirley kawan Along tu cancel. Shirley geli nak makan mee sup tu. dia bayar je singgit.
Mak Ndak: Heh, cerewet sangat bukan cacat apapun kat mee sup tu.
Wardah: Mak ndak... kalau adekpun geli. Kenapa Melayu jer melatah Long?
Along: Sikap tu diwarisi dan menjadikan bangsa Melayu je melatah in the whole world.
Wardah: How to stop it?
Along: Must have clear mind and sharp thinking. Macam mak ndak sambil buat kueh, risau adek tak sampai rumah lagi, pas tu fikir Along kat atas baca buku ke tidur, pas tu fikir kenapa Pak Ndak tak balik lagi, heheheh
Mak Ndak: Mengada budak Along ni. Long keluarkan  tart dari oven tu...
Wardah: Mak Ndak, better stop mencaruts, kay. (Sambil peluk bahu mak ndak)

Along: (tunduk dekat kepala mak ndak) Along amek tart puntet pantet satu...
ALONG: (Lari naik atas sambil jawab) ALONG TAK ADA PUNAI...MAK NDAK CARI KAT HUTAN...
Mak Ndak: Sapa kata Punai tu mencarut
Saya & Wardah: OMG....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Perempuan Melayu Suka Berkemban

Salam Isnin.

Gambar Hanya Hiasan

Perbualan Iqbal(Along)  & Wardah(Adek) di dapur.

Along: Tak suka betul tengok gambar XXXXXXX ni asyik berkemban semedang
Adek: Biarlah dia tak susahkan Alongpun
Along: Susah, sakitkan mata, macamlah perempuan Melayu ni miskin sangat
Adek: Along, that's what typical Malay Lady doing since our dato nenek.
Along: Sapa cakap? Dulu orang berkemban sebab kain adalah bahan asas yang expensive dan sukar didapati.
Adek: Sekarang pulak kain mahal dan kemampuan membeli dah semakin jatuh. Kain dah bukan bahan asas penting
Along: Dulu kurang penerapan agama lagipun pakaian tu ringkas untuk buat kerja rumah.

Adek: Ala sekarang ni cuaca panas global warming pokok kurang so kena pakai seminima yang mungkin
Along: Yelah dulu tak ada mesin2 nak jahit baju2 tu semua, now berlambak...pandai
Adek: memanglah la adek pandai...kalau nak jahit baju2 sopan tu mahal, kos letrik, upah jahit, bebagai..
Along: alaa, kalau dia orang tempah kat designer2 tu murah????
Adek: Msia ni panaslah...kenalah pakai jarang2 je...kain kena nipis...Along pejam jelah mata kalau jumpa.
Along: Dah balik zaman jahilliah dia orang..
Adek: Along, bukan dia orang kalau mati masuk kubur sama Along
Along: Along tak nak, takut sekubur dengan orang lain
Adek: Kepala besar...pengecut..


Along: Mak Ndak ni entah apa2.
Mak Ndak: Buat SPM elok2 dapat semua A1, baru boleh kutuk orang. Adek, subuh tu tak payah mak ndak kejut, bangun sendiri, ada hati nak kutuk2 org berkemban. Kang dua2 mak ndak kembankan...