Thursday, July 28, 2011

Green Recreation at Lembah Temir, Raub Pahang

Dear readers,

Just to share one of our Hydro Project for Community in Lembah Temir, Raub, Pahang. Journey from KL will takes about 3 hours to this area. We had been there before & after the Hydro Project Completed and now owner of this place open this recreation for public. Green, healthy & breathtaking recreation area. Trust me, it is worth for you guys.
This is Bunga Durian
Hydro Project
Kolam Ikan Koi yang saiz ikan ada lebih dari 30 kg.

If interested you may contact Encik Zulfakar at 013-9832888

Anyway, we enjoyed the place with all local fruits provided there during the season. The foods also happening...Kami tinggal dalam chalet yang waterfall mengalir deras dibawahnya, ikan kelah melompat kesana sini. Ada my friend yang mandi with the ikan2 and feed them. I am scared too with the Giant Size Koi fish because of the size. Bigger than 7 years old children but the prize worth more than RM30K.


  1. subhanallah cantekkknyaaaa! thank you for posting the photos, sedap sungguh mata memandang & sejukkkkk hati tengok.

    pegi honeymoon bagus nih. tapi err..kena kawin la dulu, hehehe

  2. akak designer ke?bestny dpt bt smthg utk masyarakat kn..

  3. Dinas, I doakan Dinas cepat temu jodoh...

  4. Zati tak adalah akak ni designer tapi kami one of the research institute & this project under socio-economy budgat

  5. Syukur ramai yang suka Lembah Temir ni, ada lagi di

  6. salam rindu kak,

    aiseh ingt dr smlm nk mnerjah akak, brokben buat hal plak...

    smua gmbar tu cantik2 la kak

    minat btul akak ngan mazuin ye! politenya dia tu, kan t.mcm artis skrng

  7. Salam kak,

    kalau akak tak celoteh tentang lembah temir ni,
    memang saya takkan tahu tempat secantik ni wujud di pahang.
    berminat nak pergi n merasa tidur di chalet yang dibawahnya mengalir deras air sungai. =)