Friday, May 18, 2012

Non Chemical Vegies

This afternoon, direct after meeting, heading straight home. Watering mak ndak small edible garden & I am happy all our veggies growing well. Sharing my latest vegies progress.

1st Day using organic urea on my kangkung
2nd Day not so much different
3rd Day it's growing 1.2 cm 
After heavy rain the growth can't be measure
Maintained with the same height
Today, height increasing to 3.23 cm from the 1st measurement

Happy with the growing status, the most happy progress resulted from my Buluh Madu which the Bamboo Shoot (Rebung) proudly standing high in the air, Alhamdulillah but sorry the quality of the photos not as good as Dinas (Blog Dari Penjuru Ini). For those who never know what is Rebung...tadaa

Gud Nite & have a nice week-end with family & friends.


  1. yes tpj, agak cepat lbh kurang 2 weeks tapi akak tak petik lagi

  2. Amboi mak, Rajinnya tanam kangkung. Siap amik pic ari2 plak tu

    1. tkasih si matatajam. akak ambik gambar tu sbb nak tengok keberkesanan baja tu

  3. wahh. rajinnya menanam. huhu. saya uma flat je. taktahu nak tanam tanah mana >,<