Monday, March 12, 2012

Outstation & Kids

Salam & happy hols to parents & kids.

How do I manage my pack schedule with schooling kids? If I have an urgent site visit, normally I'll bring them along. Last semester holiday, I brought Along & Adek to Sekolah Rendah Agama Al-Naim, Desa Murni, Kuala Ketil Kedah. Subhanallah, we really amazed by the school visions & missions. They are planning to have & create continous income from their own activities. I submitted the proposal to the related ministries & hope all of you will pray that those concern parties will look into what I suggested with full consideration. This photos attach taken during my visit.
They have their own chalet but still in development progress & Along seem to be very happy with that "Eco-green Islamic School Tourism"
Workers barrack with Tilapia Canvas Pond for daily consuming. Great idea but just need to furnish a bit more to be more hygienic
Poor conditions hostel for boys, propose by us to have better one sooner
Better conditions for girls hostel. fish pond also for daily consuming
Girls Hostel, clean & closely monitored by the school management
New hostel block for Al-Hafiz (boys)
Houses (show house) for the those retired citizens with minimum monthly payment but fully guiding & observing in learning, practising & understanding Al-Quran
Al-hafizahs reciting & learning Al-Quran and the youngest is 6 years old. 
Al-hafizs not only from Msia but outside Malaysia
Pray that my proposal will be approve as soon as possible, we hope that Al-Hafiz & Al-Hafizah not just did the current selling methods, annoying public. Al-Hafiz & Al-Hafizah must be guided to be professional entreprenuers, experts, academicians & have their own vision to be the best caliph. 
Sekolah Agama AL-Naim visions:-
5 in 1 complex 
1. School (Daily & Agama)
2. Place for AL-Hafiz & Al-Hafizah
3. Place for "Berzikir" adult
4. Place with houses to rent by elderly (pensioner) or normal peoples just concentrating for our NEXT LIFE
5. Eco-green Islamic School Tourism (chalets, standard of practises in Islamic Life, Islamic Activities & etc

Hopefully, I may help them to create complete package for us as the caliph of Allah but I am very tiny caliph compared to others. Complex fully recharge by the Islamic activities, Amazing place, amazing founder who donated 32 acres of land just for this school.
The tiny little ants will relaxing  themselves in the swimming pool when nobody around.


  1. 32 ekar?..wah!!syukran!
    moga murah rezeki,diberkati dunia akhirat buat semua yg bekerjasama memajukan sekolah nih..(termasukla Mak Wardah) Amin :)

  2. Nini, akak just tukang buat proposal aje. Yg buat tu tenaga pengajar dia. Nini, ajarkan akak macammana nak masuk Nuffnang tu? Akak betul2 jahil bab tu

    1. akak udah register ke?..lps register baru bleh buh iklan :)

    2. Nak register tu macam mana step dia? Akak ni blur sangat

    3. aiyoo..hahahahaha
      akak kene pegi website diaorg dulu..
      g register dulu tau :)

  3. Semoga rancangan yg amat mulia ni dipermudahkan olehNya. Berdoa sepenuh hati semoga ia menjadi kenyataan :)

  4. Terima kasih banyak2 Dinas, saya plan kalau dah ada esok, pencen boleh gak saya belajar kat pondok moden ni.